Stiga Estate 7122 HWS Lawn Tractor Review

stiga estate 7122 hws Lawn Mower Wizard

Stiga are a company who thrive on quality and innovation, and nowhere is that demonstrated better than with this, their top of the range lawn tractor designed for the very largest domestic gardens – up to a whopping 20,000 square metres if necessary.

The massive 122cm cutting width on this mower is an absolute must if you have a large plot of land and don’t want to spend your entire day mowing, and like some other better top end lawn tractors this model features not one but two contra rotating blades. This generates not only twice the cutting power, but also a stream of air underneath the deck, ensuring that the grass moves smoothly from the point of cutting to the point of collection. It also means that you can happily cut wet grass as the force with which the cuttings are thrown into the collection bag is so great there is almost no chance of the discharge chute getting blocked, which is great news for those of us who are confined to wet climates! Should you choose to mulch the grass rather than collect it, then the contra rotating blades also ensure that the grass is finely diced, forming a mulch that will decompose far quicker than that produced by other mowers.

From an operational perspective this lawn tractor has been designed to make life for the user as easy possible, for one thing there’s no fiddly clutch here, just an accelerator pedal, nice and simple like an automatic car or a go kart.


  • Multi functional and super efficient cutting mechanism
  • User friendly, easy to operate, and clear and easy to understand dashboard controls and display
  • Massive 320 litre grassbag
  • Powerful 11.9KW Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Rugged construction puts this among the best riding lawn mowers for rough terrain


  • Very pricy! Two or 3 times the cost of entry level ride on mowers


This machine really is the Rolls Royce of ride on lawn mowers, and with very few competitors in it’s size and class, you know that the mowing experience, and of course the end results you’ll get from it are going to be some of the best on the market. As ever there is a catch and that’s in the price, although catch might be the wrong word, yes it’s an expensive beast, but when you want quality in life the chances are you’ll need to pay for it.

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