Stiga Park Compact 16 Mower 4WD Ride-On Lawnmower Review

This interesting looking machine from Stiga is both efficient and compact in it’s quest for lawn cutting greatness. Featuring an unusual articulated structure, at first glance you might be forgiven for thinking the engineers have gone too far with the gimmicks, but it’s actually an incredibly useful feature that makes the mower highly manoeuvrable in a way that most other ride on mowers simply cannot compete.

If you have a large garden that happens to be littered with obstacles such as flower beds, rockeries and trees then you might be tempted by a commercial type ‘zero turn’ mower, which as the name suggests enables them to turn on the spot. Of course these are expensive and you may not be able to justify them. What this machine does is add the missing link to this problem by bringing the ‘zero turn’ type manoeuvrability to the smaller domestic market

The cutting deck on this mower is mounted forward of the drivers seat rather than underneath it, this gives superior results when cutting the grass, as you don’t run over the grass before cutting it. It also improves the performance from an operational perspective as you have a much clearer view of the area you are cutting whilst you mow it, especially useful for border and edges where accurate results are imperative.


  • Extremely well thought out design enables superior turning, manoeuvring, cutting, and end result visual appearance than many conventional ride on mowers
  • Blade height adjust 10 positions between 25-85mm
  • Choice of two cutting widths – 95cm and 105cm, depending on whether you wish to mulch the grass or not
  • 4 wheel drive to cope with inclines and, and strong directional response both forward and backwards
  • Choice of 2 cutting modes: mulching or rear discharge
  • 6 litre fuel tank- more than enough to run uninterrupted on even the largest plots of land


  • No option for grass collection


We really like this mower, it’s great to see real innovation when it comes to mowers and not just variations on existing technology. Clearer the designers haven’t been afraid to try something new, and to their credit it works, and it works well.

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