DeWalt 18V XR Right Angled Drill Review

Well for an angle drill, it’s fair to say that the price tag for the DeWalt 18V XR is a bit low, but that doesn’t reflect on its performance. Firstly, it’s a DeWalt, and if you’ve been working with power tools for some time, you’ll know that they’re one of the most established brand names in the business. Need we emphasize the most obvious attributes, it’s a cordless drill and very useful for reaching the most tucked away of nooks and crannies, and having a two speed gearbox means you can either be gentle or hard and rough on your drilling. High speed is best for tough surfaces and low speed is important for when you want to be gentle.

This drill has been designed to make drilling in confined spaces easier. Remember, it has been made for spaces that other drills cannot be able to access. In addition, it’s lightweight being- a mere 1.3kg, so you have the versatility that you need to stretch to the limit without getting tired. Does the little weight influence its performance? Absolutely not.

The handle is not only ergonomic in design, but it is also multi-gripped, ensuring maximum power at the most comfortable gripping point depending on where you are using it. If you’ve been looking for a drill for home tasks, that is user-friendly and comfortable to use, the DeWalt 18V XR is what you need. Consider, for example, the ease at which you can change drill bits. The 10mm keyless chuck  opens fast, and you can change bits with one hand.

Pros of the DeWalt 18V XR

  • Has LED lighting for use in poorly-lit spaces
  • The fan-cooled motor will take some abuse and allow the job to get done. However, when it gets too hot, you will need to give it a rest
  • The low weight is very welcome since, being a corner drill, you may have to use it in awkward positions.
  • Even the removal and installation of the battery is ever so easy. It seems this power tool was made for use by a man on the run
  • Although it is light, it has a compact build that can withstand drops up to a certain height
  • Ergonomic handle that can be gripped at various places for maximum comfort


  • Can only be used as a drill due to lack of clutches thus it cannot be used to drive screws


The truth is that the DeWalt 18V XR is worth every penny that you pay for it, and for drilling in confined spaces it has few rivals. However, when buying for DIY and easy tasks, please remember that it does not have a drive function, so screw driving is a no go.

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