Makita DA3011 Right Angle Drill Review

There are so many brands of drill on the market that trying to find the right one can drive you crazy. If you know what features you’re looking for in a given brand, then it’s not such a struggle. As a starting point Makita are a top brand in this area, therefore when looking for a right angled drill the DA3011 is a solid starting point, if not a wise final choice.

This is a 1.4kg compactly built angle drill, a characteristic that makes it both highly portable and easy to operate. It is also has a powerful 4 Amp motor, therefore making it capable of cutting through steel to a maximum of 10mm and a maximum of 25mm for wood.

The side handle makes it more comfortable for you to operate the drill in awkward positions that would be beyond the ability of a conventional drill. Its compact design makes working between framing studs or truss work that much easier.

The fact that the speed of the Makita is flexible makes it effective for drilling in both wood and metal. It’s also designed to ensure speedy bit fastening, saving you time and hassle. The keyless chuck makes this even better as you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to carry a chuck key.

The paddle switch on this drill is much better from an operational standpoint than a slide switch. The switch also has a speed-limiting dial in place to prevent over tightening of fasteners and it also enables you to operate single handedly when necessary.

By way of demonstrating the kind of quality that goes without saying with Makita tools, the ball bearing construction mechanism in the drill ensures longer motor life, saving you from costly replacements or maintenance.


  • High quality example of a right angled drill- built to last
  • User comfort well considered thanks to control design


  • A keyed chuck has more grip than a keyless one
  • Not cordless, therefore mobility is restricted


The angled drill Makita DA3011 is worth investing in since its merits outdo the demerits. Users have hardly complained about this type of drill thus you are on the right track if you are planning to buy one. However, remember the keyless feature of the tool comes worth its disadvantages. You may consider buying a drill with a keyed chuck.

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