Black & Decker KW900EKA Router Review

From the ever reliable Black & Decker, another great power tool for woodwork enthusiasts. The Black & Decker KW900EKA router has been designed and produced by people who understand the theory of woodwork for people who understand how to do it in practice. It  comes with many useful features, and importantly, it’s versatile and can be put to a number of different uses. One of the things we’ve always liked about Black and Decker is that they produce true ‘DIY’ tools that don’t require you to buy extra kit either to make them work at all, or to get the best results, instead they’ve built their reputation for providing tools with everything you need straight out of the box. So whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or you run a hobby workshop in your basement, the KW900EKA is the perfect router to enable you to hit the ground running.

What features can you expect from the KW900EKA Router?

Let’s start with the most visible of them all, the spindle lock, which will allow you to change the cutters easily and without much ado. Then there’s the locking off trigger that will help keep you safe, and in actual fact makes the KW900EKA router one of the safest on the market. Another important feature is the variable speed. In woodwork, cutting and shaping edges, creating patterns and so on sometimes requires that you use different speeds for different kinds of materials and patterns. This router comes with a variable speed that starts at 8000 rpm and goes up to 28000 rpm, taking care of a wide range of scenarios. The side handles are also particularly well considered, and give you a comfortable grip to allow for easier shaping of your wood.

This is a powerful machine, with a motor of 1200 Watts, a plunge that goes to the depth of 55mm, and a maximum cutting diameter of 38mm. It’s also sold with carry case to help protect and extend the life of the router, as well as six cutting bits so that you can start working on almost any job immediately, the Black & Decker KW900EKA router is a sound investment for anyone.

Included in the Kit:

  • 6x carbide router bits
  • 6mm, 6.35mm, and 8mm collets
  • Edge and Template Guides
  • Distance Plate for trimming vertical projecting pieces
  • Copy Follower
  • Adjustment spanner
  • Storage and carrying case


  • Powerful 1200-watt motor
  • Comfortable side handles that offer a great grip
  • Dust extraction port for a clean working environment
  • Variable speed for a variety of cutting scenarios and different materials


  • Some people complain that the router comes without a user manual, or that the manual is too complex to understand. So for the less tech savvy out there, this could be an issue, and hopefully this is something Black + Decker have taken on board
  • As with most routers, this works better with a router table, but you’ll still get good results otherwise, it might just take slightly more set up time and greater concentration
  • There have been instances of the vacuum cleaner attachment port breaking, so be sure to take care when using this feature


It’s difficult to go far wrong with a Black & Decker. It’s affordable and it comes with accessories that will get you started immediately. If you have been looking for a router, the Black & Decker KW900EKA router is certainly a good choice.

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