Bosch POF 1200 Router Review

For cutting accurate recesses in wooden surfaces you need a router such as this one that cuts off small chips with precision. The Bosch POF 1200 Router is a powerful tool that performs precisely as intended, and is particularly effective when trying out creative designs on wood. From your point of view it’s quite easy to use, and gives a professional looking end result. It doesn’t come with a set of router tools, so most people choose to buy it along with a Bosch 15 piece router set.

The vacuum adapter is a handy feature that absorbs the dust as the router is at work. The dust hardly reaches the user since it also has a clear plastic protector that guards the eyes of the user from small chips that fly from the work piece. This gives you an easier time when working as the view is made clearer and the air isn’t contaminated with chip or dust particles.

Like other routers this model has a useful gadget to stop the cutting bit from going beyond a certain depth. This is very important as it prevents you making mistakes with routing measurements of depth.

In terms of what you can achieve with this router, it can be used to decorate wooden surfaces, and to make grooves or joining features when building furniture. It’s also very effective at giving the edges or surfaces a smoother finish.


  • It is also strong and can cut into just about anything from hardwoods to softwoods.
  • Speed adjustment feature in the setting wheel – up to 28,000 rpm
  • Works fast with precision


  • It has an on/off switch that cannot lock when it is on and therefore has to be held to keep it on. This does not give the user the liberty to hold the work piece or any other device when working with the Bosch 1200 router.
  • Some users have observed that it has a stiff plunge that makes using it hard.
  • It comes with no height adjustment.

It’s certainly not the best router on the market, and some of its short comings are quite debilitating to its overall performance. For example, having to hold down the power switch throughout the duration of operation is a massive inconvenience. Having said that, many users swear by it, so if you can live with the shortcomings it seems to be a good choice.

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