Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router Review

The Bosch POF 1400 Ace router is indeed a piece of work. A step up from the POF 1200 it’s the ideal power tool for someone who is looking for an affordable yet effective, easy to use router. It features the ‘Bosch Constant Electronic’ feature, whose job it is to help keep constant the selected speed. This in turn ensures that the delivered cut is of high quality.

The cutter bit rotates quite fast up to speeds of 28,000 revolutions in a minute. The milling cage is a frame that holds the router bit to articulately penetrate the work piece to as deep as 55mm. It can be adjusted to fine details by the help of a parallel guide.

Feature highlights:

  • The transparent chip guard shields the user while from flying chips of the wood whilst working
  • The aluminium footplate has a removable plastic which can be useful to help reduce friction
  • Fitted with a lamp that illuminates the work area to eliminate room for mistakes as well as making working in poorly lit conditions easier.
  • Has an in-built facility that absorbs the dust from the work piece as it’s being routed
  • The dust extraction ports ensure that the motor doesn’t get clogged with too much dust, thus ensuring the longevity of the motor brushes.
  • Speed setting specifically calibrated to suit the material being routed

This router is handy for doing smooth edges, making joineries and grooves, decoration of surfaces and free-hand routing.


  • It’s highly versatile and allows for creativity
  • It has an in-built facility for vacuum cleaning as it is being used
  • It has a soft grip and ergonomic handles for long hours of work


  • Some customers have complained about the spring being too strong, thus making it hard to adjust
  • It does not have a horizontal micro-fine adjustment as compared to other comparable routers
  • Some customers have observed that the bit gets sometimes gets stuck in the shaft, and forcing it out ends up breaking the bit.
  • The 8mm bits are a bit harder to source than other sizes


Well we can’t fault this router, it stacks up in all the ways advertised, hardly surprising for a Bosch tool. None the less the POF 1200 gets a greater vote among users, probably because it does a similar job for a lesser price, so our advice would be to opt for the less powerful model unless you have a good reason not to.

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