DeWalt D26200 Router Review

Smaller routers are usually operable by a single hand and are designed for less rigorous work than their larger 2 handled plunge router counterparts. They tend to cut less forcefully and with a smaller collet/cutting bit, so they’re great for hobbyists and those who need a router either occasionally, or for a one off job. The DeWalt D26200 is considered by many to be one of the best routers that fit this specification, being more powerful and built to a higher standard than most. It comes with a great speed control feature, and by kicking out up to 27000 revolutions per minute, fast work is assured. Of course the whole package doesn’t come cheap, but it’s by no means the most expensive either, so it’s a great overall choice, neither designed specifically for amateurs nor professionals.


  • Once the depth is set, there’s a clamping gadget to hold the plunge firmly to increase its accuracy levels for better results.
  • The motor cage is made of aluminium to optimise durability and ensure a long service life – that doesn’t mean you should deliberately drop it to test this though!
  • Duel work lights next to the router bit makes the work piece more visible, especially in poorly lit areas, and when operational accuracy is greatly increased.
  • You can grip this router in one hand and still work comfortably and accurately. Incidentally its compact design (12cm in width and 20 cm in height) also makes it favourable for people who have smaller hands, although bear in mind that it won’t replace what a more powerful two handed router can do, and the smaller size comes with a trade off in that respect.
  • The package contains accessories for dust extraction, a spanner (17mm), plunge base, round base and a parallel fence guide tool. These improve accuracy in different situations, so they’re certainly worth having
  • Spindle lock features several detents that takes the legwork away from releasing and securing the cutting bit(s)
  • This router is made to work on plastic, aluminium or timber surfaces. To cope with the differences in hardness between these materials there are variable speeds starting at 16000 rpm all the way to the previously mentioned 27000 rpm – quite high, so make sure you keep your fingers well clear!
  • The D26200 comes in at just 2kg in weight, which won’t be any trouble at all for most people to guide around the work piece.


  • Setting the depth for the router is a doddle
  • Doesn’t require a lot of strength to operate
  • Durable construction, built to last
  • It has an auto-maintenance (electronic speed control) for speed, so once it gets onto the load, it’s just a case of you guiding it
  • Rubber covering over power switch prevents dust ingress causing malfunctions
  • Comes complete with a decent length cable (over 3 metres) which is better than most power tools, and enable you to work a decent distance away from a power outlet should you need to


  • The depth of the router cutting bit is 6mm only, so anything beyond this will either need creativity to set up before use, or require the use of a larger more powerful router
  • Would be handy if it was supplied with a plastic storage/carry case


This router is built to last, and it’s simple for anyone to use. Whilst by no means the cheapest on the market, it is one of the better options if you’re after something reliable and accurate. Other cheaper models are known to be a bit hit in miss in staying true to the height they are set to cut at. There are no such worries here! It’s also worth noting that compared to other routers of this size (ie those designed to be controlled with one hand) this is actually one of the more powerful, equivalent models such as the Bosch GKF 600 only 600 Watts compared to the DeWalt’s 900 Watts

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