Einhell EINRTRO55 Router Review

The Einhell EINRTRO55 is one of the best routers on the market, Einhell have become a name to trust in our eyes, and this tool is testament to that fact. Its merits range from the simple, such as its large ergonomically designed handles at the side which make it comfortable to hold, right through to technical features such as its control for precise depth adjustment. Best of all, everything about it is intuitive to get to grips with, whether you’re a seasoned wood worker or a humble beginner.

There are several features that make getting going with this router a quick and painless experience. For instance, there’s a dust extraction port built into the machine, which means less dust in the air to irritate you, and the assurance of a clean working environment. Other features that many other manufacturers have overlooked include a chip guard to provide extra protection from flying wood chips, besides the effect of the dust extraction port, and an electronic speed control, which makes it very precise and suited to a range of different paces of work. Once you set the speed, you can be sure that it will stay at that speed until you set a new one, and there will be no unexpected slipping and changes of speed.

The rugged build of the router gives you a strong indication that it’ll last a long time. The compact design not only makes it very functional, but in a strange way it also entices you to work more, because it’s a pleasure to use, thus creating a sound bond between you and the tool.


• 1200-watt motor makes it a powerful router
• User can precisely adjust the depth
• Can be spindle-locked to change the cutting bits easily
• The cable clip keeps the cable safely stowed after use
• Has a height of 55mm for the stroke
• The soft grip allows makes it comfortable for all to use


Well we certainly can’t find any significant fault with this, and other user feedback would suggest the same, although we do of course welcome your views!


Many users pledge their trust to the Einhell brand, and with good reason, they’re a company who pride themselves on delivering quality products, as they have done for over 50 years. For us this router offers everything that the other routers we’ve looked at can offer, and goes above and beyond them in many respects too.

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Einhell EINRTRO55 240V Electronic Router
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