Hitachi M12VE/J7 Router Review

One of the fist things that strikes you about the Hitachi M12VE/J7 router is that at 5.3 kgs it seems a on the heavy side. However, being primarily designed for table use this is less of an issue as most of the time you won’t be supporting its full weight.

What features can you expect from the Hitachi M12VE/J7?

At the hear of this router is a 1570 Watt motor, easily one of the more powerful that we’ve come across. In addition, the motor also has variable speed settings, but there is constant control over the speed once you’ve set it accordingly. If you’re a beginner looking for something powerful yet easy to use, you’ll do well to choose the M12VE/J7.  It’s easy to set up, operate and to hold by hand.

Like all routers the Hitachi M12VE/J7 is controlled by holding it in your hands. To this it comes with two handles that can be set or adjusted to give you the most comfortable experience possible. Also on the subject of the user experience, you can attach the dust extractor accessory (you may have to buy that separately) and keep the work piece clean, allowing you to concentrate on producing a high quality, accurate finished result.

The Hitachi M12VE/J7 router will do a lot more for you in the workshop than just cut great edges. It will also shape great patterns, rabbets, dadoes and so forth, with the variable speed settings allowing you to cut many different patterns.


  • Compared to other routers in the market, this one is light, just about 5kgs, and easily manageable for this type of activity
  • Has a dust extraction port for a clean working environment
  • A speed dial for setting the speed – essential for achieving results at different speeds and of varying intricacy
  • Easy to set up and operate, even for beginners


  • No adjustment fence included


The Hitachi M12VE/J7 router is perfect for both tradesmean and do-it-yourselfers to carry out anything from simple to professional level routing work. It’s certainly not the cheapest router on the market, but it one of the most powerful and user friendly.

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