Powerplus 1020 Watt Router Review

This router from Powerplus is one of the most popular on the market. Though not as powerful as some with its 1020-Watt motor, it does come with a parallel guide, as well as a warranty of two years, but only for home use. The Powerplus 1020 Watt router is the best router for beginners at home. So if you’re a fan of DIY, this is just the kind of power tool you need to shape your woodwork pieces. It not only creates beautiful edges, but you can also use it to create dado rails, patterns and rabbets. When it comes to shaping wooden profiles there is also no limit to the uses that you can put this tool to.

With a variable speed between 11,500 to 34000 RPM, you can set the speed to match the needs of the piece that you are working on. Some pieces, for example, softwood and plywood require you to use low speeds while the hard woods need to be shaped at a much higher speed. This motor allows you to do all that, although we should mention this speed range is not as broad as some other routers.

This routers uses are not limited to wooden items only, you can use it on laminates, plastics and even soft metals such as aluminium. Perfect for the more adventurous among you!

Another great feature that makes the Powerplus router stand out is its parallel guide, which is adjustable to suit different work pieces. With the deepest plunge depth being 50mm; that’s as deep as cutting edges and patterns go, especially for wooden items.


  • Plunge depth is high, up to 50mm on the maximum setting
  • Variable speed
  • Just needs a light touch for controlling the depth
  • Home users are covered with a 2 year warranty


  • Some users have stated that the lever that locks down the plunger may spring back, causing the plunger to go back to its usual height. Whilst this won’t damage the piece you were working on, you will waste time stopping and locking it down again, not to mention getting irritated in the process.


With a 2 year home use warranty, the variable speed and a maximum depth of 50mm, there is every reason to believe this is the ideal router for your tool box. As mentioned it’s not the most powerful router available, so for professional grade work, you might want to opt for something with a bit more grunt.

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