Silverline 124799 Plunge Router Review

This is a heavy-duty plunge router, precisely 5.7 kilograms in weight, with a plunge depth of 50mm. It is one of the latest versions in terms of technology and despite being produced by Silverline who are known for their budget tools, quality-wise it’s still a high performer.

The Silverstorm plunge router comes fitted with a parallel guide bar to guide you as you work, hopefully resulting in the least possible errors! It also has a roller that helps to avoid the router veering off in the wrong direction.

The plunge depth can easily be adjusted and can be fine-tuned to give greater accuracy, but the most important thing about this router, which makes it easier to use than most routers, is the ease with which you’re able to insert and remove cutting bits. Also of note are the range of speeds on offer, between 6,000 to 24,000 revolutions per minute, all the while with no load speed to worry about, and when it’s in contact with a work piece, the 124799 doesn’t rotate, which is very handy from a safety perspective because it can cause no harm before it’s engaged.

The total package comes with a parallel guide bar, collets, a spanner, and guide bush plates not to mention 3-year warranty. This router can be used for heavy duty as well as light applications.


  • No load speed means you can stop and start as required, without having to worry about inconsistent results
  • It is easy to fix and remove cutting bits
  • It is fitted with soft grip handles that make it comfortable to use, and greatly reduce the effects of vibration of the hands


  • Comes with no real instructions on how to use it – typical of a Silverline product!


This router is a sound do-it-yourself tool; very easy to set up and get working, and in general it’s great for small projects at home. Breakages are minimal but in any case, it comes with a three-year warranty. Safety is guaranteed and if you take good care of the Silverline 124799, it will serve you for many years.

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