Triton TRA001 Duel Mode Precision Router Review

The Triton TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router: Some users have said that this tool feels as though it’s been designed by woodworkers, for woodworkers, which is pretty much all you could ask for from any wood working tool right? This half inch collet router can be used just as well on a table or bench as it can be hand held (if you’re feeling strong anyway).

With a plunge range of up to 68mm, a powerful motor with an output power of 2400 watts and a speed of between 8000 and 21000 revolutions per minute, this is an absolute beast of a machine, ideal for professionals and particularly enthusiastic amateurs.

Changing the cutting bit is ever so easy, it’s just a quick change with the aid of a spanner. And then there’s a micro winder feature that allows for fine depth adjustment. And if you just want adjustment for the fast plunge depth, there is a rack and pinion adjustment mechanism and winder handle for that too. If you just want to operate in conventional plunge mode, the rack and pinion can be disengaged and the bit can be moved up and down freely, and the plunge lock lever used to lock it off if desired. What’s really handy when it comes to adjusting the height is that the plunge spring can be removed, so you don’t have to resist its compressive force as you set the height of the cutting bit.

The dust port works efficiently to ensure that the piece you are working on doesn’t get dirty, and also prevents too much dust/wood chips getting into your eyes.

For the most precise preset cut depths, the TRA001 has a three-step turret that’s easy to set with a clear level indicator so you know precisely what depth you’ll be cutting to. Perhaps the most desirable feature of all here is that with just a press of a button, you can switch from a regular plunge router, to a fixed plunge router easily without any hassle at all.

Pros of the Triton TRA001

  • Very easy to change the bits as it only takes a quarter of a turn to open
  • It cuts through hardwood and ceramic easily without the need to change the cut bits
  • It’s primarily a table router, but if you are strong, you can use it in hand-held mode
  • Fitted with dust extraction for clean and safe working environment
  • Fine depth adjustment with the micro winder handle
  • Comes with a reducer to transform the the collect from half an inch to a quarter inch


  • The Triton TRA001 is predominantly a table plunge router and therefore it is heavy when you use it handheld. It does look a bit complex and may take some figuring out, especially if you’re less experienced with this type of tool- indeed the manufacturer instructions include a disclaimer that says it might be quite different from other routers you’ve come across, so it’s definitely worth having a read of the instructions!
  • Fairly pricey


This plunge router is a great investment for a professional craftsman or furniture maker, or if you’re an ambitious hobbyist you’ll also reap great rewards from having it to hand. It’s definitely overkill for most average DIY jobs though, so if you only something to help you fit out your kitchen as a one off job then you might be better off saving your pennies by opting for a cheaper alternative.

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