Trueshopping Cordless Chainsaw Review

For logging, felling small trees, and pruning unwanted branches, the Trueshopping Lithium cordless electric chainsaw is a fantastic choice for those who wish to go cordless with their chainsawing endeavours. It’s hailed as a great performing chainsaw, largely because of the Lithium Ion battery that offers the machine extended battery life and superior cutting power.

Using this chainsaw from Trueshopping is both easy and comfortable, laregly because it’s lightweight – at only 3.4 kg, pretty comfortable and easy! Its chain has a remarkable speed of 150 metres per second and its chain bar, which at 25cm isn’t the longest in this class of chainsaw, does none the less ensure that you get fast and straight cuts each and every time you use it. This chainsaw also features a housing cover to the chain adjustment mechanism that is accessible without tools, thereby enabling smooth and quick adjustment. The chainsaw is equipped with a chain tensioning screw that ensures that there is no slipping off during tensioning of the chain- note: very handy as this could otherwise be quite frustrating!

Other notable features of this chainsaw include the fact that there is no irritating vibration, noise or fumes emitted by it when in use. This is highly welcomed as fumes, noise and vibration can prove to be harmful and disturbing to many amateur users, particularly of course as you tend to be very close to the chainsaw when using it.

The best thing about this cordless chainsaw is that less time is wasted on starting it up and on setting it down after use. The charge rate of this model is 4 hours and its battery gives you ample time to tidy your garden with a standard usage time of 20 minutes. Of course if you have a particularly large garden or big lumber cutting task to tackle, 20 minutes might not be adequate, and something with a bit more grunt might be more appropriate.

This Trueshopping model comes well packed with a battery, charger and charger station, a guide bar, a user manual, chain, a chainsaw, and oil.


• Easy chain tensioning
• Light in weight
• Being cordless, the user is not restricted to working in a confined region


• Slower than most brands


It’s not always that you find yourself pleased with a machine that you’ve just purchased, but when you buy this chainsaw you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the benefits its performance provides. With an extended battery life and strong cutting power, this chainsaw is truly one of the finest in its price bracket.

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