There are many features that the Hitachi NT65GS finish nailer for straight nails comes with. However, among the best of them is that you can use it on nails starting at gauge 16mm to 25mm and then you can adjust the depth of the nail gun without using any tools. You will love using this lightweight nailer that comes with its batteries.

If you have used nail guns before, I am sure you will love this because it handles like a baby. Firstly, its well-balanced design ensures that you work fast. Just place it, shoot and bang! The nail is in. In addition, the ergonomically designed handle gives users a good comfortable grip. Just the way the handle is designed tells you that this product has been made to be used by people with medium to big hands.

And the package comes quite full too when you buy. For example, did you know that the Hitachi NT65GS finish nailer is sold with safety goggles included in the package? Now you know. In addition, it comes with its oil, you need fuel, right? And its carry case too. Then there are 2 batteries – 3.6 Volts, lithium Ion batteries, and the charger too. You will be happy to know that the Hitachi NT65GS charger takes one hour only to fill the batteries and while you are charging one battery, you can use the other one so that you do not have to stop working. Ensure that the package also has a hex wrench. For professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts who know how to handle tools, the Hitachi NT65GS is a very good investment.

You will get a big magazine capacity, say of 100 nails. Now, that will do quite a big range of work for you before you have to refill and combined with a fuel cell capacity of 1200 nails, you can see they have it all figured out for you.


·         Comes with two batteries, charger, carry case, safety goggles, nose cap and others in the package

·         Battery takes 60 minutes to charge to full capacity

·         No need for tools to clear the jam, just use your hands

·         Has a belt hook

·         The magazine is visible so you can see when you are running out of nails

·         Use 1200 for every fuel cell

·         Great handle, comfortable for the hand and gives good, slip-free grip

·         Fast loading for the magazine

·         Never misfires


For the first time, all we could find was praise for this tool. However, some people say it doesn’t come with a nose cap.


From the rave reviews that users have left for the Hitachi NT65GS online, it is clear you will be making the wisest decision by buying it.

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