Pushing the Boundaries of Battery Technology

If you’ve ever wondered what’s been the driving force behind the smart phone revolution, with it’s glitzy touch screen, app driven prowess, then it might come as a surprise to learn that the real hero behind the technology is in the batteries. Lithium-ion battery power has undeniably been at the forefront of all recent developments in everything from electric cars to power tools.

The primary reason for the success of lithium-ion batteries is in their inherant compact size and light weight, both far superior to the older nickel cadmium (NiCd) battery of which Lithium-ion has now largely superseded  in many applications. What’s more Lithium-ion batteries are also made of less toxic materials and retain their charge for far longer than NiCds.

Being the lightest metal on the periodic table, lithium is ideally suited to making powerful batteries, but it hasn’t been an easy road, and only in recent times has it’s use been commercially viable.


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