Site Safety: Developing a Zero Drop Policy

For most people thinking about keeping our co-workers safe from harm isn’t something we need to consider all that much, but for those few whose job it is to work at great heights on construction projects such as tower blocks and wind turbines, the threat of serious injury from falling from great heights is a very real day to day concern. A deeply ingrained culture of safety is needed to ensure that a successful days work never turns to tragedy.

Besides the necessity for correct safety measures, including the use of harnesses and helmets, an area that’s less often considered is the need to prevent the dropping of tools from height. In the US the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 10,000 injuries resulting for the dropping of fallen objects whilst working at height in 2013 alone.

As an important growth industry, those behind the construction of wind turbines are leading the way when it comes to tightening up working policies, ensuring that they don’t add to any more statisitcs


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