Draper 13785 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

I still can’t quite believe how great this little vacuum cleaner is! At that price!? The Draper 13785 is a very robust, stainless steel cased dry and wet vacuum cleaner, stylishly designed and extremely powerful. Most people buy this vacuum cleaner to vacuum out their car, garage, or workshop, however, it’s just a suitable for regular, indoor vacuuming. Thanks to the dry and wet vacuuming action, this device can take on even the toughest of jobs.

The stainless steel body is durable and will withstand a lot of wear and tear. The powerful 230V suction allows you to clean up even the toughest, stickiest dirt quickly and easily. Thanks to its compact design, tight spaces are not a problem either. The four castors facilitate easy maneuvering, and at 4.5 kg, this vacuum cleaner weighs next to nothing, compared to similar grade cleaners.

The Draper 13785 comes with a wide variety of nozzles and attachments to take on even the toughest jobs. Regardless of whether you are trying to remove spillages, heavy dirt or a combination of both, the Draper 13785 will take care of it.

Super conveniently, the hose can be switched around and by doing so, you can turn this device into a powerful garden blower. You can clear away leaves and debris within minutes without having to invest in a second device, and like other wet and dry vacs it works especially well for ‘hoovering’ up dirt and dust on artificial lawns.

The only drawback are the paper vacuum bags. If you vacuum up moist material, the bags can tear and you lose suction and end up with a mess. To prevent this from happening, you will probably end up spending quite a lot of money on paper vacuum bags. Having said that, this vacuum is so reasonably priced to begin with despite its power and versatility, that you won’t mind spending a few pounds on paper bags.

To us, the 13785 has got to make it onto the best dry and wet vacuum cleaner roundup lists, thanks to the price, performance, versatility, and the attractive design.


  • Robust and stylish stainless steel body
  • Lightweight at 4.5 kg
  • Compact and easy to man oeuvre
  • Powerful dry and wet suction
  • Will clean fine dust, dirt, spillages, plaster, sand and more
  • Doubles up as a garden blower
  • Top attachments and nozzles


  • Loses suction when bag is nearly full
  • Bags tend to tear after vacuuming moist dirt
  • Castor sometimes fall off randomly
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