County Clipper Green Wheelbarrow Review

Have Wheelbarrow, Will Trundle

Solidity, rust-proof qualities and manoeuvrability head the list of criteria for the average hunter of the best wheelbarrow to be found. There is something very appealing about its retro shape. Just espying your own trusty wheelbarrow where absent-mindedly you last plonked it can gladden the heart. Hence, holding on to a much-used and loved wheelbarrow is not just a matter of economics and convenience. The bond is an emotional one.

Almost everyone has lost a wheelbarrow to the effects of corrosion, whether through a hole opening up in the pan or because rust has eaten away at the fixings; otherwise, a treasured wheelbarrow may have met its demise through warping of either or both legs, where heavy loads have weakened the structure. Lastly, a punctured tyre beyond repair can be sufficient reason to ditch a barrow and to have to embark on the trawl for a new gardening companion. Often, the best place to start is with wheelbarrow reviews.

Wheelbarrow Review: County Clipper Wheelbarrow – Green

Clearly having been winner of the BEST BUY (Gardening) in the Which? Report, March 2011, coupled with very affordable pricing, makes this a contender for your new wheelbarrow investment. A handsome model, the County Clipper weighs a chunky but easy-to-push 10 kgs and has a pneumatic inner tube keeping the action bouncy and also capable of repair if punctured. A spare inner tube is helpfully included. That said, changing an inner tube can be on the tricky side for some users, and puncture can and do happen.

Other really good features include a galvanised frame, which helps prevent rusting when the barrow picks up inevitable scrapes and scratches during normal use, as well as a generous 100 litre (granular) capacity, perfectly adequate for most garden tasks.

Reports by users say that this is an easy to manoeuvre wheelbarrow which tackles the ups and downs of different terrains well, largely thanks to that pressurised tyre, but with the fairly common caveat that the barrow (which arrives boxed in disassembled form) is a little tricky to assemble.

Not only gardeners but horse-owners too are frequent purchasers of wheelbarrows, using them for mucking out and carrying horse feed and bales of hay. The boast of the County Clipper is that it will let you transport up to three 25 kg bales of hay.


  • Reasonably priced for a sturdy wheelbarrow at £59.99
  • Virtually rust-proof
  • Easy to use and smooth-running


  • Assembly can be a bit of a headache

In a pleasing green colour which is fade-resistant, the County Clipper seems not a bad buy, and sturdier than many rivals.

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