Draper Garden Tipper Cart Review

When is a wheelbarrow not a wheelbarrow?

Elbowing into wheelbarrow territory have come assorted hand-pulled or hand-pushed variations on essentially the same theme: a means of getting x-amount of stuff from A to B in an easy, convenient manner. Not every wheelbarrow need be a two-handled, one-wheeled pan. Indeed, the best wheelbarrow for your needs may turn out to be a cart, and a tipper cart at that!

Once you enter cart territory, wheelbarrow purists run for the hills. With a cart, one is talking about multiple wheels, and a whole paradigm shift. You go from doing the work by forcefully engaging your shoulders to idly tripping along with no more than a little arm strain and a leg workout. The tip-up design, most would agree, is a big improvement on forcibly upending a recalcitrant wheelbarrow in order to empty it.

Wheelbarrow Review: Draper Garden Tipper Truck – Green

Looking a little like a miniature garden pond on wheels, this crafty little vehicle is a sturdy transportation cart that can easily shift up to a maximum load of 200kg. Ideal for lugging heavy compost sacks, mounds of earth, manure, rubble and logs etc., the tipper cart attracts many customers who claim to have foresworn wheelbarrows altogether. This is a real back-saver for horse-lovers too, who have a daily round of delivering feed buckets and hay nets to their four-legged charges.

Although priced for the amateur’s budget, this cart is also suitable for the seasoned professional. Added to that is the long established reputation of Draper products which makes this an affordable and reliable piece of kit, in most purchasers’ opinion.

With its heavy duty steel frame, ergonomic handle bars and an impressive 75 litre capacity, this is a wheelbarrow substitute that trundles along happily over the roughest of terrains on its four pneumatic tyres, making it an advisable choice for gardeners with back problems as the load is spread across the four wheels.


  • Sturdy frame makes light work of pulling loads
  • Suited to all garden purposes, including hills and bumpy terrain
  • Tipping design saves gardener aches and pains


  • Higher price than budget wheelbarrows at £81.85
  • Assembly is fiddly and requires two people
  • Users report having to add their own metal washers to the bolts going through the body

As durable and versatile alternatives to standard wheelbarrows go, the Draper Garden Tipper Cart may lose out on traditional good looks, but users are often permanently converted. Might this actually be the best wheel barrow of the bunch?

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