Walsall Wheelbarrows Galvanized Wheelbarrow Review

Happiness is a One-Wheeled Companion

Ever since the invention of the wheel – yes, just that single one – there have existed hand-pushed carts of one sort or another. And despite technological breakthroughs that have mechanised almost every process which involved the power of the human body, that single-wheeled carrier, propelled by human hand and leg, persists. It is, of course, the humble wheelbarrow.

One wheel, a hopper and a frame equipped with two handles is what the wheelbarrow amounts to, and why it has lasted can be put down to the small-scale terrain on which most people get to indulge their passion for nature. Whether manoeuvring around a network of beds, crossing a lawn which would be ruined by heavy machinery, shifting leaves, compost, weeds, gravel, muck or logs for the fire along paths, up and down undulations, carting tools from shed to zone of activity, life is unimaginable without this handy person-powered transporter. And around stable-yards, plant nurseries, allotments, smallholdings and all gardens larger than a postage stamp, wheelbarrows are part of the scenery.

They pop up too as improvised market stalls in many countries around the world, are used in the time-honoured tradition of wheelbarrow racing at country fairs and charity events and can serve as a mobile ice bucket at big informal gatherings such as barbecues.

Wheelbarrows have been produced in many materials, from wood to fibre-glass. Happy trundlers who over the decades have been through them all will usually have a tale of their personal best wheelbarrows. Probably the most common variation is the metal wheelbarrow, many of which lie rusting at the bottom of gardens. Least practical are wooden wheelbarrows, best used as decorative planters.

An ever-burgeoning phenomenon, the market in wheelbarrows stretches to a surprising array of models, materials, quality levels and prices. Tracking down the best wheelbarrow out there is no mean feat. From the lower-priced end, we have singled out the following to review:

Wheelbarrow Review: Walsall Wheelbarrows Galvanized Wheelbarrow

This basic, affordable design requires putting together, as indeed do most wheelbarrows ordered online. Customers, generally-speaking, report relative ease of assembly. The task requires a spanner and a screwdriver are needed.


  • Lightweight galvanized structure makes pushing easy
  • Low price of £29.99
  • Suited to light garden loads
  • Good quality wheel


  • Many users report weakness/thinness of the steel and consequent buckling of the product with use
  • Low weight capability, users recommending less than 30kg of load, hence not suitable for construction sites or large loads of soil.
  • Strong odour resembling engine grease

All in all, with largely negative customer feedback, the Walsall Galvanized does not emerge as the best wheel barrow.

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