Walsall Wheelbarrows Shire Poly Puncture Proof Wheelbarrow

Wheeling Your Way to a Tidy Garden

Wheelbarrows have been around since the first century AD when allegedly dreamt up by a Chinese inventor named Ko Lu. That prototype was of course a wooden contraption and undoubtedly lacked some of the ergonomic refinements that later designers incorporated.

The solution that wheelbarrows offer can be summed up simply: they spell the difference between bodily lifting and carrying items around your property and comfortably wheeling them in larger quantities. Result: happiness. Or so it should be; especially if you manage to find the best wheel barrow available. Materials used in wheelbarrow construction have advanced hugely in the last fifty years alone. Always in search of the best material with which to craft a long-lasting and easily-handled product, manufacturers vie with one another to make the best wheelbarrows. It could even be called a wheelbarrow race! As a result, consumers have a bewildering cavalcade of different wheelbarrows to choose from.

Wheel Barrow Review: Walsall Wheelbarrows Shire Poly Puncture Proof Wheelbarrow

Don’t be led up the garden path if you are looking for the best wheelbarrow for your cash. Depending on what your priorities are, and especially if volume is high on your wish list, you might be lucky with this one. This is a 90 Litre capacity wheelbarrow with a solid-looking deep tray section constructed from Polypropylene.

The company prides itself on its “Made in Britain” slogan. Benefitting from being at the budget end of the spectrum, this colourful model’s lightweight structure, less than 9 kg, makes it ideal around the garden for collecting grass, leaves and small branches. The bright yellow solid wheel gives the barrow a jaunty appearance.

However, there are two main problems with this product. On the less serious side is the difficulty in following the assembly instructions. It’s probably a good idea to have two people on board for this and a variety of extra tools would also be useful. A much bigger issue is the widely reported weakness in the plastic hopper. Minor issues from cracks and chips to holes suddenly appearing even after light use suggest that the composition of the plastic leaves something to be desired.


  • Lowish-cost option at £49.99
  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Cute appearance


  • Weaknesses in the tray section
  • Slender tubular steel frame
  • Has to be assembled, which for some users has caused difficulty

All wheelbarrows with a plastic tray have longevity issues. Long term exposure to the elements inevitably renders the material more brittle. That said, a wheelbarrow is an outdoor product and should be reasonably resilient. As they say, you get what you pay for!

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