Wolf Garten Cordless Leaf Blower Review

Wolf Garten Cordless Leafblower Lawn Mower WizardFirstly, we would only recommend this product for people with smaller gardens. The biggest issue with this item is the run time. 15 minutes is clearly not enough to clear wide open areas. In fact, it’s fair to say a lot of high maintenance gardens will make this look useless. On the upside, it has a very quick charge time of just over an hour so you won’t be waiting too long to get back out there.

The £90 mark is quite a large asking price for something this small.  There are several other blowers others on the market which provide less downtime and a more powerful system. However, as mentioned previously if you have a small garden the 200km/h power is more than enough unless you happen to have a lot of stones or wet leaves. If you do, then we’d recommend something which has a bit more power.

The nozzle at the end tilts up slightly, making it less of a strain for reaching particular areas or in between plants. It tapers down quite thin so you may end up finding twigs getting jammed or small stones. It’s not overly difficult to remove them but it can just waste a little more time, something which is precious with this product given the short running time.


• Powerful for a small sized product
• Useful design for reaching around delicate areas of the garden


• Expensive in comparison to other items in this category
• Very small usage time of 15 minutes – would be a real winner if only the battery lasted longer! Having said that the 1.2 hour charge time isn’t too bad, so if you’ve got a second battery that makes      life a little easier
• Nozzle can sometimes jam given the size


Overall, I’d recommend this product to users who have small, low maintenance gardens. Anything bigger and the 15 minutes you get per charge will be far too frustrating. It’s likely in many cases that if you buy this you’ll wish you’d opted for a cheaper model, as quite simply it’s small size leaves you feeling restricted to working in too small an area to be truly useful.

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