Einhell GC-CT 18V Cordless Strimmer Review

This is the strimmer of choice if you’ve invested in Einhell’s ‘Power X-Change’ range of tools, a range that also includes their GE-CM Cordless lawn mower, so the GC-CT is the ideal accompaniment to that very machine, taking on the role of ‘tidyer upper’ around borders and any other straggly areas of grass that the mower can’t reach.

There’s nothing that really stands out about this machine in particular, but it is like other Einhell tools, affordable, and reliable. Like other strimmers of this size the GC-CT has a telescopic handle, and fully adjustable trimming head, so you can switch between using the tool as a trimmer and an edger with an effortless twist of the head.

It seems that the ‘bump feed’ trimmer line design is gradually being phased out, particularly among cordless strimmers, and indeed the GC-CT is one of those that follows the new trend of using replaceable plastic blades instead. Although these usually need to be replaced at the start of each use, they are very inexpensive, and crucially suffer none of the pit falls of malfunctioning bump feeds and getting yourself tangled up in reels of nylon string.

Being cordless, this trimmer doesn’t have a lot of running time of power to deal with lots of really thick grass, which is to be expected, but by far the biggest complaint among those who’ve bought this strimmer is that it comes supplied without a battery, but as mentioned earlier, the idea with this tool is that you use it as part of a family of tools that all use the same battery. So even if you do have to spend extra (admittedly considerable) money buying the battery and charger, you’ve then got a battery and charger that can be used in with everything from a jigsaw to a leaf blower, not just this strimmer. It’s a tried and tested money saving system, and truly well worth considering

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