Bosch Rotak 36 Ergoflex Electric Lawn Mower Review

The mid size mower in Bosch’s ever popular Rotak range shares the same excellent functionality as its larger and smaller counterparts, with the only obvious difference being that it’s designed exclusively for lawns around the 300 square metre mark.

Featuring all the unique Bosch features, a carefully designed ‘Ergoflex’ handle bar for optimum user comfort, and grass combs to help with those stubborn tufts of grass at the lawns edge, the Rotak 36 is as innovative as we’ve come to expect from Bosch products. Other features such as the 36cm cutting width, 40 litre grass collection box and 12 metre cable are specifically tailored towards the lawn size this mower is designed for which raises an interesting point. Making the direct comparison between this and other mowers in the range it becomes apparent that it’s all to easy for it to be overlooked, after all most people tend to think in terms of ‘I have a small suburban garden I only need a small mower, or I’m blessed with a slightly larger than average garden I’ll opt for the bigger electric mower instead’. With a bit of careful thought (and perhaps a quick run around pacing out the rough size of your garden you might find that this is actually the ideal solution to your needs, just like Goldilocks and her porridge (hopefully that’s where the similarities end of course).

But in all seriousness, we think this is a great mower, and it’s great that Bosch have considered the mid size lawn market to the extent that they have, sure the motor may not be as powerful as the Rotak 40, and maybe it’ll take up a little more space in the shed as the Rotak 32R, but the point is if your garden is around 300 square metres, this is the mower for you, you’ll have the mowing done in a reasonable time without spending more than you need to, never a bad thing eh?

Other notable features include:

  • Inset front wheels, which in combination with the grass combs make this mower about as good as they come for cutting up to borders effectively
  • Range of cutting heights from 20mm to 70mm – this won’t compete with a cylinder mower for being able to cut grass really short, but for the average lawn this is ideal

On the downside, the grass collection box is definitely a bit too flimsy, and the two halves don’t go together particularly well. However once it’s in position on the lawn mower it is much sturdier, so all that is needed is a bit of care when removing the box for emptying. This seems to be a recurring theme among electric lawn mowers unfortunately.

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Bosch Rotak 36 Ergoflex Electric Lawn Mower
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