Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Lawn Mower Review

Bosch Rotak 32 Spec Image The smallest in the range of Bosch’s proven and highly successful ‘Rotak’ range of electric lawnmowers, this little machine is the perfect tool for the job if you have a small garden, and although it doesn’t boast quite the range of features that its bigger brothers do, that doesn’t stop it from holding its own in small gardens.

At just 7 kilograms in weight, the Rotak 32R can be comfortably operated by just about anyone, so if you’re getting older or you’ve downsized on your property then this mower is likely to be just right for you. Light though it may be, that doesn’t mean it lacks bite, its 1200 Watt motor is up there with the best of them in terms of what it will cope with, you need not have any reservations about cutting that thick start of the season jungle when this mower is at hand.

Though not part of the ‘Ergo flex’ range the handle bar on this model is still comfortable and adequate to suit most people’s tastes, alternatively should you feel it necessary, for a few extra penny’s the Rotak 32R sister model, the Bosch Rotak 32 Ergoflex is fitted with the ‘Ergo Flex’ handle bar. A feature that has been retained  from the more expensive models are the ‘grass combs’ on the front of the mower, to help with cutting the edges of the lawn neatly, by cleverly guiding the grass into the path of the blade. Incidentally, for best results we recommend taking your lawn mowing at a steady pace, with this model or any other, to ensure that you don’t miss any areas and that all the grass is evenly cut.


  • Powerful motor for the size of mower – capable of cutting long and overgrown areas
  • Range of cutting heights between 20-60cm- perfect for small relatively flat lawns
  • Rear roller – for achieving lawn stripes, though this is not as effective as heavier mowers. Note that if you were to instead opt for the ‘Rotak 32’ (without the ‘r’) the roller would be absent, so check carefully before you buy!
  • Weight – Just 7kg, you could almost operate this with one hand, though we wouldn’t recommend it!
  • One of the best lawn mowers for a small garden on the market with a proven sales track record
  • Storage well considered with a folding handlebar and cable tidy feature, which incidentally is also very handy for managing the amount of cable you require whilst mowing.
  • Cost effective – as far as cheap Bosch lawn mowers go, this is certainly the cheapest you’ll find


  • Only a basic handlebar design – not as comfortable for prolonged use, although this is unlikely on a small lawn
  • Not as manoeuvrable as some small mowers – a fairly long body makes it somewhat unwieldy at times
  • Only a 31 litre grass box – though this is only for small gardens, if you do use it on anything bigger you will find yourself emptying the grass box more often that you might like. However if the grass box were any bigger it would take away much of the appeal of this mower as a light, compact machine, instead it would be bulky and clumsy to operate.
  • Whilst long enough for the size of garden this is designed for, the 10 metre cable isn’t detachable from the mower which makes it  slightly harder to stow
  • A very minor gripe, but although the rear axle height adjuster works well, but is easily missed being positioned between the wheel and roller
  • Manual could be much clearer, particularly with regards to maintenance and adjustment


This is a decent and compact lawnmower, and like other Bosch mowers it’s got a powerful motor to ensure that you won’t have any gripes with getting the grass cut quickly and easily. It is a basic model though, so if you’re expecting precision results and well-defined stripes then this isn’t the mower for the job. If on the other hand you want something you can zip around the lawn effortlessly then you won’t be disappointed with this mower at all.

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