Black and Decker Edge Max 1200 Lawn Mower Review

As the smallest in Black and Decker’s ‘Edge Max’ range of electric lawn mowers the 1200 Watt variant is one of our top contenders for the title of ‘best lawn mower for a small garden’. As a close contender to Bosch’s Rotak 32 R this little mower delivers on all counts, from innovative ergonomic features, to superior cutting performance and durability.


Like its bigger brothers this mower features several neat innovations to help make mowing the lawn a less arduous task, these include:

  • An inspection window in the grass collection box to give you a good idea of when you’ll need to stop and visit the compost heap. This is good for being able to plan ahead as you mow.
  • As the title suggests the ‘Edge Max’ system for guiding grass into the path of the cutting blade. This is a great feature, particularly when cutting along the lawn’s edge
  • High torque ‘E-Drive’ motor, a great feature for a smaller mower to have, this means that it will cope with thick long grass without getting overloaded or stalling
  • Main body or deck made from high impact polypropylene, resistant to any knocks and prangs that the mower might be subject to
  • Good value for money


  • Some customers have complained that though durable, the mower isn’t immune to breaking if knocked too hard
  • Cutting heights are set fairly high, so may not be able to achieve a cut as short as you might prefer, indeed some more critical reviewers claim not to be able to see any difference between the grass they’ve cut and the grass they’ve yet to cut!
  • Plastic cutting blade, not a great choice on the part of Black and Decker’s engineers as this will become blunt and wear out over time
  • Dead mans handle must be held very tight against the handlebar or else the mower will cut out. It only seems to take the slightest lapse  in your grip f0r this to happen


This is a good hard working mower with plenty of features that make it stand out from the crowd, and for cutting long and stubborn grass in a small garden, this is the machine of choice in our opinion. It’s a shame that a plastic blade has been included, but it will still last you a good few seasons before it starts to become problematic, by which time a metal blade would need sharpening or replacing anyway.

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